LOEMCO was born in 1980 by the Spanish Prime Minister, Mr. Rafael Arias-Salgado y Montalvo.

Both the sensitivity of the Ministry of Industry at that time in respect of the security of industrial products, and the lack of human resources and facilities of the Government, were the origin of new initiatives in collaboration with the Ministry of Education by creating labs that, at the same time they developed activities in the field of product surveillance, they could promote professional training from the university, so this structure would avoid new investments in facilities.

This inititative gave, as a result, the creation of LOEMCO as a Betting on a High Quality Construction, with the following purposes:

  • Implementing test methods, technical reports and development of research projects upon request of the Ministry of Industry universities, companies or professionals.
  • Giving support to the Higher Technical School of Mining and Energy Engineering in Madrid in the field of Construction products.

     First steps towards certification

    Despite its short experience, the quality of its performance was quickly recognized in the cement sector. Thanks to this, in 1988 LOEMCO was nominated by AENOR as the only external verifying lab in the voluntary certification of cement and its components. In addition, LOEMCO performed audits of the factory production control systems.

    Since then, the alliance with AENOR has been reinforced over time with an actual participation in the certification process of more than 30 typologies of construction products.


    Support to Standardization

    LOEMCO started developing standardization activities in the field of ornamental rocks. Nowadays, the Lab has more than 10 experts and it is present in more than 25 Technical Committees and working groups in and out Spain, developing an important role in the performance of more than 1700 standards, figure which represent nearly a 6 % of the spanish catalog of technical standards.


    University community

    Since 1982, the Lab has played an important role in the commnunity, not only thanks to its knowledge transfer focused on the following graduates, but also with the promotion of internships and scholarships in R+D+I projects.

    Nowadays, LOEMCO has managed more than 70 Projects and PhD's in collaboration with the Higher Technical School of Mining and Energy Engineering of Madrid, which is well known as the main resource of recruitment of LOEMCO (the 80 % of its staff comes from this institution).



    Creation of LOEMCO


    First technical report issued in the field of cement products


    First activities in CEN (European Committee for Standardization)


    First national research project


    First cooperative alliances with strategic associations (OFICEMEN, IECA)


    First training events in the field of construction for companies and scientifics


    First external verifying Lab recognized by AENOR in the certification process of the Voluntary Mark "N" for cements


    Primera acreditación por ENAC para la realización de ensayos de árido, hormigón, mortero, cemento y sus componentes


    First accreditation authorized by the Ministry of Industry to verify the quality of cements (previous step to its certification)


    Accreditation by ENAC-ILA for testing of ceramic products


    First accreditation authorized by the Ministry of Industry to verify the quality of ornamental rocks, ceramic products, gypsum, paints and varnishes (previous step to its certification)


    Acreditación por ENAC para ensayos de yesos de construcción y sus prefabricados


    Primera intervención en el Programa de Inspección y Control de Productos de Construcción del MINER


    Accreditation by ENAC-ILA for testing of concrete and its manufactured elements


    First international research project


    Adhesion to the european group of Notified Bodies under the Mandate of the Directive 89/106/CEE


    First testing report of metallic elements for gypsum board framing


    External Auditing service for the certification of voluntary marks (AENOR) in the field of post-tensioning kits for prestressing of structures


    First outsourcing service to support the aggregates sector in Spain


    First LIFE+ Project: The GTOG Project (Life11 ENV/BE/001039)


    We are working on it...